Digital printing is the latest printing method which does not require a long preparation process. Compared with standard offset printing, it is characterised by short term of delivery and attractive price.

Digital technology is an excellent solution in the case of book printing, as it enables the printing of a trial edition, profitable for the Client, in order to probe the market in terms of demand for a given book. Digital printing also enable fast impression of books if a given title is very popular. Therefore, the Client does not bear the cost of storage and the risk of printing an excessively large edition.


Trial copies and the edition proper are all printed on the same machine, which ensures that high quality is maintained.

By lowering the production cost and elimination of toilsome processes, digital technology enables printing at request, with the possibility of introducing fast changes (updated data or graphics). Digital printing is more cost-effective than standard technologies already in the case of medium- and low-volume editions. The estimated unit cost of digital print is lower than the cost of printing the dame edition using the offset method, in the case of editions under 800 items. Furthermore, digital printing eliminates idle time between orders, as all projects are saved in editable digital form which ensures fast repeatability of orders.

Key advantages of digital printing:

  • printing at request;
  • lower printing costs in the case of medium- and low-volume editions;
  • high quality;
  • shortened production process;
  • customisation;
  • possibility of printing in batches, without the need to store overestimated editions;
  • conformity of trial copies and the edition proper in terms of quality;
  • even a single copy can be printed;
  • possibility of fast updating of data in impressions;
  • fast preparation for printing.

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