Instructions for the preparation of files for printing:

1. Files saved in PDF format (compliance: Acrobat 4.0, version 1.3).

2. File names can't contain special characters, only the basic ASCII character set.

3. File name should enable unambiguous identification of work. The cover should be saved to a separate file.

4. Please not to pursue a file of color profiles (ICC).

5. The files should be embedded fonts used on the job. In the case where there is no possibility embed fonts in the file is allowed to convert text to outlines.

6. The file with the content (middle) must contain pages with fixed dimensions, including net format with possible bleeds, have standardized margins and added Vacancies.

7. The work should be marked net format, and tags (smartness) format should be 3 mm from the cutting line. NOTE: Please do not insert other typefaces.

8. In the files of the content (the measures) should be required bleed 3 mm from the cutting line. For the cover is 5 mm slope.

9. Any significant graphical elements or text must be kept away from the cut edge of at least 3 mm (must contain margin).

10. The text printed in black must be enabled for printing the (Overprint).

11. Text color components should have 100% saturation, otherwise the screen will be visible component corresponding to the percentage saturation.

12. To colorful works reflect the colors of the offset must be prepared as composite files with applied color model CMYK or Grayscale. The work, in which they will use other color standards (eg. RGB, PANTONE) will not be accepted for publication.

13. In the case of black-and-white work, we recommend you save the PDF file in Grayscale mode. Possible elements when printing color will be converted to black and white.

14. In the case of declaring the operation a certain amount of color pages The customer is obliged to other parties did not have any colored items. Failure to do so will result in the recognition files for invalid and will not be accepted for publication.

15. Recommended resolution for graphics is 300 dpi. The resolution lower than 250 dpi means a reduction in print quality of the graphics.

16. Graphics contained in the files must be compressed in JPEG mode or ZIP. Files with graphics compression JPG2000 will be rejected.

17. We suggest that the barcode was prepared in black (100% Black) on a white background. In another case, the codes may be poorly read by scanning devices.

18. The sum of the paint coating on the printouts (Total Ink Limit) should not exceed 240%. In case of exceeding this value files will be on press automatically converted to the above mentioned levels on the printer. Recommended for printing so-called: Rich Black consists of the following components: Cyan - 60% Magenta - 40% Yellow - 40% Black - 100%.20. Ordering information and file transfer should be made only through the platform Web to Print.

19. The date of delivery of digital materials shall be the date of delivery of completed and materials not requiring correction.

20. Please pay attention to the compatibility of the ISBN on the cover and file contents (middle).

21. If the publication contains editorial page, please add our printing footer address:

Printing and binding: OSDW Azymut. OSDW Azymut Sp. z o.o., Łódź, ul. Senatorska 31

In the absence of information about the print and frame, we will insert its self.

22. The maximum gross format printing covers, along with the back and wings if any shall be 470 × 320 mm.

23. For technological reasons the format of the printed work may be lower / higher by 1 mm from the net format.

24. The maximum permissible thickness of the back is 50 mm.

25. The formula for calculating the width of the back cover of the paperback and hardback with the back straight and rounded located in the instrukcji przygotowania grzbietu.

26. Printing does not perform hard cover with a rounded ridge of the work containing inset printed on coated paper.

27. Because on the occasional divergence paper thickness within the same weight and tolerances on the work banders, we suggest that the color of the back cover was the same as the 1 and / or 4 pages.

28. Material designed to perform in a hardback cover is double sided coated paper (chalk).

29. Because of the different technologies, colors shown in the design may differ from the colors on printing proofs, as well as color in the final product.


All material sent to the printer to verify compliance with the above specifications. About noticed incompatibility the prepared files, the customer will be informed. Any additional operations to adjust the files for compliance with the specification and any changes made by the printing to the Customer will be treated as additional paid service.

If the files are not properly prepared, printing is not responsible for the end result.

















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