During the 12 years of our presence on the Polish bookselling market, we have gained trust of about 1800 booksellers. As we operate within the PWN Group, we supply our Clients mainly with scientific and academic books. We also distribute educational publications, fiction, children's literature and illustrated books. In 2011 Azymut introduced electronic publications. Since 2011 OSDW Azymut started extending the offer of the multimedia including computer games, film and music. We also distribute puzzles, board and logic games.

Our state-of-the-art logistics center in Stryków stores over 85 thousand titles from 1860 publishing houses which are available for constant sales!

Cooperating bookshops:

gain the following benefits within the framework of our publishing offer:

  • largest availability of titles in Poland;
  • announcements concerning new titles, additional printing and publishers' recommendations in a form of daily mailing, being a part of the e-commerce system;
  • possibility of creating thematic and occasional offers;

gain the following benefits resulting from our service and distribution facilities:

  • attention of our best sales representatives and telemarketers (commercial visits or a regular phone contact),
  • possibility to place orders in the most convenient manner:
    • via the Internet in our Virtual Warehouse or directly from our e-commerce system;
    • via e-mail;
    • via phone or fax;
    • via Azymut's sales representatives - during commercial visits;
  • deliveries within 48 hours from placing an order for titles available in our warehouse;

within the framework of additional business support services, bookshops may purchase:

  • Homer system - the first software in Poland for comprehensive management of a stationary bookshop,
  • hosting services program enabling Clients to create an online shop,
  • Virtual Database (WBD) - a perfect tool for running each online bookshop. It consists of descriptions of all our titles (approx. 105 thousand titles, including 85 thousand of currently available ones) with colourful cover reproductions (scans).

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