Marketing - website promotion

In order to gain clients for your bookshop it is worth taking care of bookshop's promotion both in the area of local marketing targeted at brick-and-mortar bookshop's clients (local community living in the bookshop's neighbourhood) and online marketing aimed at every person looking for possibility to buy online regardless of where they live.

  • Local marketing
    A brick-and-mortar bookshop launching online bookshop is in a better position compared with a typical internet bookshop in such respect that it has its own loyal customers, part of whom will be keen to use the opportunities provided by the internet and an extended title base available in a bookshop. As a result the following must be taken care of:
    • Visible placement of online bookshop website address
    • Banner with website address visible from the street
    • Banner or information about online bookshop inside of a brick-and-mortar one
    • Providing clients visiting bookshop with address of an online bookshop through minor advertising tools.
    • Calendars
    • Bookmarks
    • Plastic bags
    • Ballpens
    • Leaflets
    • Receipts with website address
    For promotional purposes and facilitating service of customers searching for books from their field of interest it is also worth to prepare:
    • A computer stand with online bookshop running, available for bookshop's Clients (for independent use with possible help from bookshop's staff)

It gives the possibility of serving a client and at the same time presenting your online bookshop and make them aware of the fact that in the future they can independently browse interesting titles in our online bookshop without leaving home or at times when the brick-and-mortar one is closed.

  • Website positioning
    Creating and promoting of a website requires Internet know-how and time. Your site is one of millions sites with information available on-line - therefore for a visitor to find it - you have to promote it. Most hits come from different sources, mainly browsers which classify webpages according to fields and topics, and they direct most of the traffic on the Internet. For example, browsing for the word ‘bookshops' you receive a list of a few millions websites. Obviously the chance for your website to be chosen multiply if, as a result of this search, your shop will find itself in top 10 or top 20 results. The solution is simple. When somebody types a word linked with your business you want your website to be listed before every other. That is where browsers and meta tags come into play.
  • Additional marketing
    To acquire new clients for your online bookshop one should, apart from positioning, undertake additional marketing activities:
    • Advertisement in local media (radio, TV, press)
    • Advertisement on the Internet (portals, other companies)
    • Paid Internet advertisement adwords, adkontekst, onet boxes (contextual advertising in browse
    • Local promotional-marketing activities (schools, libraries, community centres, competitions, other institutions, organising and sponsoring of competitions and so on.)
  • A few more pieces of advice regarding marketing
    Remember to constantly update the content of your website, at least once a week, preferably more often. If you can, add your own books (unique to your bookshop's profile) to our offer.

Observe prices in other bookshops and set yours at a competitive level. Maybe you will find titles there which your competitors take a few weeks to deliver whereas you have them in your stock ready for shipment? As much as a rule that the majority of goods is cheaper in large stores is true, it is not necessarily applicable to online shops. After all you do not need to compete with prices when you sell bestsellers. Find your niche field and publish ‘books of the week' or ‘the latest' in your shop. Focus on something specific and unique. It is often better to consciously focus on selected community whose needs you are more familiar with than your competitors.

Use mailing service for active promotion but make sure that your campaign is not classified as ‘spam'. Spam is mail to a large number of recipients who not necessarily wish this. Remember that e-mail promotional campaigns are an effective and totally legal marketing tool as long as all recipients from your distribution list previously gave consent to receive them. Otherwise your mailings can harm You as well as Azymut.




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