Logistics service

  • A modern logistics centre
    All the services involved in collecting, shipment, any possible complaints or returns are covered by Azymut from its modern logistics centre located in Strykow.
  • Automatic gathering of orders
    The system automatically gathers clients' orders and collects payments providing the clients with help via Internet and e-mail. Collecting and deliveries are completed by Azymut Shipment System or by a bookseller if the order regards a title physically available entirely in the bookshop or if a client chooses ‘collect at a bookshop' as his collecting option.

    Should the item be released from the bookshop and the book is delivered from Azymut, the price of the book for a bookseller is the one that results from general terms of our co-operation - the trading agreement between us. A bookseller dictates the prices for his own books according to their own choice.

    Should the shipment be completed by Azymut, the bookseller receives commission of up to 15% of retail book price. An invoice for a client is issued in such case on behalf of Azymut with note ‘at bookshop X's request'. All the costs included in collecting, packing, shipment and possible complaints or returns are covered by Azymut. Only costs involved in promotional activities remain with you.
  • Sending shipments
    Orders placed before midday on a working day are prepared and shipped the same day. Orders placed after that time are sent on the next working day. In the case of shipment delivered to a bookshop an order is completed and awaits the next wholesale order of a given bookshop to which it will be added. If the waiting time exceeds 3 days the order is sent on its own. Weekend orders are completed on Mondays or on the next working day should Monday happen to be a bank holiday.
  • Delivery options, times and prices
    • Delivery to a client's address by ordinary post (2-14 days) - 9.50 zl (plus 3 zl cash on delivery)
    • first class delivery - 11 zl (plus 4.50 zl cash on delivery)
    • Courier mail (24-48 hrs) - 11 zl (no cash on delivery)
    • Packstations 24/7 - 6.99 zl (plus3 zl cash on delivery)
    • Delivery to a bookshop (1 - 3 days) free

Should the order value sent by post exceed 150 zl, the deliveries are completed on Azymut's cost (the clients are not charged).

  • Policy in case of inability for full order completion.
    The offer visible in the online shop contains only the titles available in Azymut or in the bookshop. If, however, the title ordered happens to be sold out or for any reason cannot be shipped with the website not having previously updated this information, there will be information sent to the client regarding the book's unavailability. If the order is placed for more than one item then part order is possible or it can be completely cancelled. Possible set aside funds on the credit card will be restored. In the case when a client transfers money and the order cannot be completed fully or partly, the adequate sum of money is transferred directly to a client's account or sent to them by post after prior agreement on this. The cost of this operation is fully covered by Azymut.
  • Returns
    In the case of client's not collecting or returning the book, bookseller's commission is deducted by an amount resulting from this return. All costs of this operation is covered by Azymut. If however the reason of this return is not Azymut's fault and the client returns an ordered book twice then further order completion for this client may be blocked. The cases regarding returns are dealt by Customer Support Department of Shipment System Azymut (e-mail: dok@osdw.pl)
  • Order cancellation
    A confirmed order may be cancelled on a client's demand. The condition is, however, that their shipment has not been sent yet. You can cancel it in Control Panel in bookmark ‘Current orders'. If an order is located in bookmark ‘Orders completed' then cancellation is impossible