Professional online bookshop

The Internet hosting scheme enables launch of an online shop to which a bookseller gives the name of their bookshop as well as introduces logo, contact details, address, description - virtually any content that they wish. A bookseller can choose the colour of the website, add contents, define graphics, background, wallpaper. A bookseller can make changes within the fixed frames to which the whole system is encripted similar to compositions or desktop parametres in the Windows system.

The software enables launching online sale with no cost for design, installing, internet website and the cost of order completion. All of these Azymut will do for you within your fixed payment rates. We provide our Clients with complex solutions combining all the IT aspects necessary for proper online bookshop functioning. A bookseller does not need to know anything about computer programming. All they need is basic computer literacy.

  • Complete book offer
    A complete book offer available in Azymut (selection of ca. 60 000 titles) is presented in the shop. It is filled up with books from other bookshops which are unavailable in Azymut. A bookseller decides on planning an offer and chooses titles for presentation in particular sections of the website. They also specify the price level for all the titles through arranging the fixed price discount for retail price having at the same time ability to change these settings for selected goods.
  • Shopping in your store
    To place an order a Client has to register giving, among others, his e-mail address and password which will help them to log on in the future. After placing the order, the system automatically sends an e-mail with request for order confirmation. Order completion is executed after sending confirmation by the Client in the case of payment by card after cash hold and in the case of payment by bank transfer after transfer confirmation on our bank account.
  • Demo bookshop
    Experience full functionality of an online bookshop, choose a draft and create an offer. Just see how easy it is to run an online bookshop.
    Access to the bookshop: www.demo.osdw.pl
    through Control Panel www.demo.osdw.pl/admin
    login: demo
    password: demo
  • Monthly payment
    Internet hosting service is provided within a monthly net payment of 299 zł. We do not charge any extra fees for a starting up. Implementation lasts 14 days. Additionally we provide a free e-mail account with no extra charge.



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  3. Polski krok po kroku Zeszyt ćwiczeń Poziom 1
    Stempek Iwona, Grudzień Małgor
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