Questions and Answers

  • What can you use Homer programme for?
    Homer programme is used for efficient and comprehensive warehouse - trading management in a bookshop - from goods receipts service from many suppliers up to sales service (issuing receipts, VAT invoices), consignation service, running warehouse management (additions and returns), managing balance with contractors and enhanced analyses.
  • What does it mean that Homer is a bookshop programme?
    Homer programme was created in such a way that it serves, in the most optimum way, the processes natural for bookshop sector, e.g. object list creation., access to VDB (Virtual DataBase), consignation service.
  • What is VDB?
    VDB is an abbreviation for Virtual DataBase - updated daily with titles coming for sale at Azymut. Virtual DataBase consists of over 70 000 titles. Accessibility and price are updated every hour and description base is updated once a day.
  • Can you only sell books with Homer?
    Homer programme is directed at a bookshop market, however you can also create object lists in it which means that it is possible to sell goods from many areas not connected with bookselling.
  • What equipment does Homer co-operate with and does it create any additional charge?
    Homer uses fiscal printers, readers, data collectors, price checkers. Azymut does not charge you any extra fees unless we face a unique model of equipment requiring extra work. In such a case individual pricing is prepared.
  • Do you need the Internet to run Homer?
    Homer is not needed for daily use of Homer. The need for Internet access comes in case of downloading invoices from Virtual Warehouse, programme updating, placing orders by Homer, using VDB, technical help or activating a new key (access to electronic mail).
  • How frequent is Homer updated and how much does it cost?
    Updates are made at least once a month. They consist of modifications as well as new functionalities. We don't charge any fees for updates.
  • How is Homer technical help operated?
    In the matters like the use of the programme the first contact point is e-mail information sent to homer@azymut.pl or by phone to a sale representative or Technical Support Staff. If a problem is more complex then help is provided by Helpdesk by phone or remote connection VNC.
  • While using Homer, can you co-operate with other suppliers or only with Azymut?
    The facilitations in co-operation with Azymut are the same or virtually the same as with any supplier of your choice.
  • How many people can use the programme at the same time?
    It depends on the number of positions purchased by a Bookseller. Standard version of the programme is designed for one position.