The state-of-the-art logistic center

We do encourage Publishers to choosing our full-scale distribution services. Location of our warehouse - central Poland, A1/A2 highways crossing and vicinity of shipping companies - enables us to minimize a delivery time all over the country.

We offer stock management services as regards both acceptance of deliveries and storage of goods, taking into account their parameters, merchandise records and periodical reports concerning stocks. Publishers have an additional option to check the warehouse inventory via the Internet.

The new warehouse area (20500m2) and usable height (10m) make it possible to store goods on 6-level pallet racks, with special consideration for the quality. Using mobile racks has resulted in a considerable storage area enlargement.

We are glad to complete any Publisher's order according to their specifications. The wide range of tools including:

  • a special Internet terminal in Publisher's headquarters;
  • own website;
  • mobile equipment (system for sales representatives)

makes it possible to efficiently place orders from any location in the country.

The orders are completed by means of the SCHÄFER conveyor system with automatic control equipment. The conveyors are installed on two platforms (total area 8000 m2) which create the completion zone. The state-of-the-art system makes it possible to complete, in 24 hours, over 70 thousand order lines from the list, including over 120 thousand titles. The solutions and control systems enable us to maintain the service quality and simultaneously double the number of dispatches sent.

The modified completion and freight forwarding zone (automatic tying machines for parcels and the Vaculex TP instant parcel transfer system) has facilitated the operational efficiency enhancement and raising the personnel safety level.

Our advantage is comprehensive elaboration of Publisher's full documentation, including deliveries, VAT invoice register and warehousing documents. In order to maintain the transparency of transactions, we provide all reporting services (both on paper and electronically) customised to our Clients' needs.

The new organisational solutions and the cutting-edge logistics centre are tailored to the ever changing Clients' needs. Our broad experience and most modern logistics solutions guarantee perfect services for the Publishers.

The following companies have already trusted the distribution services provided by OSDW Azymut:

  • Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN
  • Wydawnictwo Lekarskie PZWL
  • Wydawnictwo Szkolne PWN
  • Lexis Nexis
  • SIC!
  • Elsevier Urban & Partner
  • Wydawnictwo Zwierciadło
  • Pascal
  • Słowo/Obraz Terytoria
  • Wydawnictwo Czarne
  • Global Metro
  • Drageus
  • Smak Słowa
  • Wydawnictwo SQN
  • Wydawnictwo Terra Nullius
  • Wydawnictwo Mała Kurka
  • Wydawnictwo Bernardinum

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