We are fully aware of the fact that a famous author and an eye-catching book title is not enough for the book to be a bestseller. It must also be properly promoted. That is why we strive to meet publishers' and booksellers' expectations and offer numerous sales enhancing tools.

Product displays

Within the framework of common display activities we are able to locate selected publications in as many as 200 bookshops in Poland, in the most favourable points of sale (shop windows, shelves with new publications, promotional tables, locations in the vicinity of cash registers, etc.).

We offer:

  • logistics services;
  • maintenance (by our sales representatives) of mutually agreed display standards in the selected points of sale;
  • support for campaigns by auxiliary advertising activities (POS materials insert, online advertising).

POS materials distribution

  • materials for Sales Representatives (catalogues, newsletters, leaflets informing about offers);
  • materials for booksellers to support promotional campaigns run in cooperation with Publishers;
  • POS electronic materials for the OSDW Azymut Sales Department;· advertising materials sent directly to OSDW Azymut's Clients (catalogues, leaflets and posters).


If you require our assistance with the following activities:

  • informing the market about your current offer;
  • promoting new titles, series or publishing events;
  • targeting the message directly to bookshops and libraries;
  • creating the company's image and ensuring its presence in booksellers' awareness,

we offer to place effective adverts:

  • in the OSDW Azymut Virtual Warehouse;
  • in the daily mailing (News and Publishing Announcements) sent to cooperating booksellers and librarians;
  • in special dedicated mailing sent to booksellers and librarians;
  • in "Twoja Księgarnia" (Your Bookshop) quarterly.

Advantages of Azymut advertising:

  • our advertising directly reaches the target: booksellers and librarians all over the country;
  • on average our website receives 18 000 hits and 8 200 visits every day;
  • in 2011 we already recorded 3 414 customers of the Virtual Warehouse and this number has been growing steadily;
  • the number of our publishing news mailings subscribers has been still growing;
  • we do not send irrelevant information, thanks to which our messages are perceived as a tool useful for preparing orders;
  • the number of "Twoja Księgarnia" magazine subscriptions has been growing steadily; the magazine is delivered directly to customers via bookshops.

Merchandising on book market

To meet market expectations we propose to publishing houses taking part in merchandising actions which are organized in libraries. During two weeks we offer visiting about 180 the best libraries. What is more our Sales Representative will work with your offer because merchandising is customized to each publishing house. All interested please contact with us.


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